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Foot and ankle injuries are fairly common among those who participate in sports. Some sports may be considered more dangerous in terms of foot and ankle injuries compared to others, such as basketball, football, soccer, and dancing. Sports that require tightly worn shoes (skiing, hiking, climbing) also pose a higher injury risk. The feet are considered the foundation of the body. They help us balance and perform our everyday activities. That’s why you should seek professional help at the first sign or instinct that something is wrong with your feet or ankles.

Common contributors to sports-related foot and ankle injuries include not stretching or warming up first, incorrect footwear for the sport, and not taping or providing enough foot and ankle support. A number of foot conditions can develop if certain safety measures are ignored, like Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures, just to list a few.

When the Achilles tendon is harmed, it can cause extreme pain and lead to complications such as tears, ruptures, tendinitis, peritendinitis, tendinosis, tendinopathy, and bursitis.

Plantar fasciitis may also occur. This is when the band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot is continually overstretched and causes painful inflammation at the bottom of the heel.

Stress fractures (small cracks) can also occur due to a lack of conditioning, use of improper equipment or technique, and repetitive foot and ankle stress.

If you participate in sporting activities and would like more information about how to keep your feet and ankles safe, as well as learn more about your treatment options if injured, we can help. A Physicians Footcare podiatrist will thoroughly examine your feet and ankles to provide expert advice, a proper diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan. Request your appointment now.

Sports Medicine (FAQs)

What is sports medicine? 
Sports medicine is a branch of podiatry concerned with diagnosing and treating sports-related foot and ankle injuries. A podiatrist specializing in sports medicine can find the right treatments for you to ensure a full recovery and get you back on your feet faster. They can also teach you preventive measures to avoid further foot and ankle injuries in the future. 
What types of sports injuries can podiatrists treat?
Podiatrists can treat a wide range of sports injuries, including ankle sprains, foot and ankle fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, and many more. These specialists can also analyze your gait, prescribe orthotics, help you find the right running shoes, and recommend exercises to improve your foot and ankle health.  
How do podiatrists treat sports injuries? 
Treatments depend on the type of injury that you have sustained. These may include conservative treatments, such as footwear and activity modifications, resting and icing the injured foot, wearing orthotics, and taking over the counter pain medications, or surgical treatments. 
How can I prevent sports-related foot and ankle injuries? 
There are many things that you can do to help prevent foot and ankle injuries. Stretching and strengthening the lower limbs is suggested, as strong, flexible feet and ankles are less likely to be injured. Wearing the right shoes, both for your feet and for your sport, will protect and cushion your feet. Allowing yourself adequate time to rest following a workout, and increasing the intensity and duration of your workouts slowly over time can also help you avoid injury. For more information about how you can protect your feet and ankles, please consult with a podiatrist. 

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