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The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body. The dense, cord-like tendon that runs up the back of your heel and into your calf transmits power from the calf muscles to the heel and the foot. It’s what makes us able to stand on our toes when walking, running, or jumping.

Despite all its strength, the Achilles tendon has a limited blood supply and the high tension placed on it makes it vulnerable to injury. Possible injuries and conditions of the Achilles tendon include tears, ruptures, tendinitis, tendinosis, tendinopathy, peritendinitis, and bursitis.

Treatments for Achilles tendon issues vary but can include over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers for intense discomfort, alternating ice and heat therapy, custom-made orthotics, physical therapy, and in some severe cases, surgery. We recommend that you regularly stretch the lower leg muscles to help prevent injury to the Achilles tendon.

If you or someone you know has Achilles tendon pain or discomfort, we can help.

A Physicians Footcare podiatrist will check for any pain, swelling, or discoloration around your heel or lower leg to determine if you have an Achilles tendon issue and provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Request your appointment now.

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